Colin at Prospect Park

Mr C & Snoopy introducing Mr Mac Tavish to the neighborhood! /> ♡ :)

Latest comments:

: Hope you are looking after Mr Mac Tavish boys. Show him all the sights. Xxx

: Mr mctavish is nice but not as handsome as you xx

: Welcome Mr. MT

: Lol how cute lovely pics Colin

: I love the one on the bottom left

Colin: ;)

: Lol adorable

: Santa and his pupdeer!

: Does Mr. M like ice cream too

: I see Mr C and Mr Mac Tavish are chatting away like old friends :-) Mr Mac Tavish looks settled like he's always been part of the crew! Lovely photos!

: Love your hat!

: I tawt it twas Mr Santa Paws aka Mr C x

: Totally adorable, as usual xxx

: Love your new friend Mr MT, Colin you look after your crew very well, love your new outfit :-)

: Mr Mac Tavish looks like he fits right in!

: Enjoy your time in the park!💙💙💙

: PS Mr. Mac Tavish is adorable!!❤️

: A new friend Mr C?

: Love how they're all coordinated!

Colin: Yes Mr Mac Tavish from Scotland Maureen Mehlman-Smith :)