2 years ago today ♡~♡

Latest comments:

Linda Gardner: 🌹♡x

Mary Young: The best dressed Westie around was Colin, still loved and thought about sweetheart x

Tracey Tomal: Love Colin...

Donna Louise Sally-Ann Jarrett: Bless him, still think of him x

Tracey Tomal: My two favorite Colin pics are: the one with the night vision goggles, and the one where he just finished some yogurt/ice cream and he's sticking his tongue out and its HUGE!!! He was a beautiful westie...

Pamela Pennington Potts: ❤❤❤

Tracie Caldecourt: 💕😘💕

Claire West: Aww 💙

Pauline Brine: Hello darling Angel. 💕💔😇

Terri Gibson: Miss you Colin💙

Linda Cammidge: Love and miss you Mr C xx💔💔💔

Regina Marie: Miss you, love Mac, but there's only on Cauliflower Rose.

Rhonda Pickens: A beautiful picture of our Angel Colin

Clio Bailey Wagstaff: ,miss you so much handsome dude. In my mind, you'll always be the best x x

Sue Thigpen: Beautiful COLIN & Snoopy. Always remember this precious boy🙏💙🙏💙🙏💙

Hope Norton: Was just thinking about Colin and remembering his handsome face. Still miss him.

Loraine Higgins: Hey colin missed you wee man 💔💔😇😇😘😘

Melanie B-d: Love & Miss 💙😓. Such a handsome boy x

Marjorie Fox: Loved you in that coat sweet Angel Colin xxxxx

Dede Bierbrauer: My Darling Little Buddy

Christine Pearn: Still loved and missed xx

Rosanna Trimboli: Wonderful memories!