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Jeanette Masters: Awww, nice to see you Cauliflower Rose! X

Maureen McGuinness Dunn: Looking good Mr x

Sharon Prince: Cute

Pauline Higham: Little cutie x

Jeanette Micca: Love u

Bambi Lynn: miss you so much Mr C xoxo

Helen Crowe: hugs colin 😘

Melanie B-d: Love 💙

Mary Young: I'm sure your still patrolling your favourite place and watching your nephews, and little bro Mac x

Linda Gardner: Oh what a truly beautiful picture. Love it ♡x

Walter Smith: Special wee cauliflower rose😍😍😍😍😍🇺🇸🇺🇸

Pauline Brine: Hello darling Angel Colin. 💔. Love you. 💕

Tracie Caldecourt: Ah, we miss you CK, ❤️Xx

Michelle Stephenson: Nice to see you've popped back for a visit Colin lad 😘

Lisa Stone: Awwwww... great pic, Sherri Melton!!!😀

Cheryl Allsup Morris: Colin, such a sweet beautiful boy!💙🐾

Nancy Jonasson: 💗

Elizabeth Downie: Miss you Mr C xx

Darlene Formanek May-Radler: Oh I miss him soooo much. he was a handsome lovely boy.

Deborah Nutter: Miss him x

April Holcomb: Oh sweet Colin, miss you! <3

Susan Heseltine: Hello me c lovely to see u .xx

Diana Marinero: Sweet memories ❤️❤️❤️

Jennifer Li: Sweet, sweet Colin ❤