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Melanie B-d: Love 💙

Jeanette Micca: Love..love..beautiful Colin

Pat Myers: Hello my angel miss you xx

Jennifer Li: Hi sweetie! Miss you ❤

Rhonda Pickens: Gods perfect Angel

Rosanna Trimboli: So special, we love sweet Colin.

Pauline Brine: Hello my darling Angel Colin. 💔💔. It's good to see you. 💕💕

Beverly Zimmerman: Our angel!

Dunks Downie: Loved that boy and his antics in the park patrolling every day 💜 Lovin wee Mac taking up the important position 💜

Mary Funk: Brings tears to my eyes..Love and miss you sweet Angel Colin!

Guadalupe Arriaga: Always in my ❤️ my sweet Colin

Walter Smith: Wee Cauliflower Rose😍 the special one😍😍😍😍😍🇺🇸

Linda Caster: Such a handsome boy 💜

Kim Minter-Rohrich: ♥ Colin ♥

Mary Snay Wallace: Awe....I miss Colin!

Marilynn Andrews: Miss you sweet boy!

Sue Thigpen: COLIN was so beautiful 🙏💙🙏💙🙏💙

Deborah Nutter: 💕🌹

Linda Gardner: ♡x

Claire West: Bless you Colin x

Mary Young: sweet memories of our favourite angel Colin x

Linda Cammidge: Miss you little man xx

Birdie Nissi: Good Morning Mr. C......you're looking good two years ago...know you're watching Dad and Mac with love.