One year ago today i lost my buddy! ♡~♡

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: A legend

: Big hug today. It will be a sad day for sure. I can't tell you how many people were so hugely saddened that day with the news "our" Colin was now an angel. He had style and panache😄. I'll be thinking of Colin and you today. Beth.

: You have some lovely photo's and memories of Colin.

: Only out of sight!

: Bless.

: Bless you. What a special bond you had with Mr. C. 💔

: Colin not forgotten

: Thinking of you today,it's hard when they go,he will never be forgotten,loads of lovely photos,videos and memories to remember him x

: Gone but never forgotten. Try to smile though when you remember him.

: Oh bless tears in my eyes at this. We were all heartbroken when he left us. Rip Colin gone but never forgotten 😘😘😘

: I was heartbroken at seeing cauliflower Rose had left us for the bridge, my eyes are even watering now, but be assured, this perfect little dude hasn't left you, he will always be in your heart and mind. Bless you and Mac x x

: We are sending u lots of love so sad when ur little friend crossed X

: Aaw....doesn't seem a year. Colin will always live on in our heart's...such a special little dude! Love seeing memories of him on here xx

: Thoughts are with you Sean. Gone but never forgotten. We're in New York from England for a few days. Hoping to visit Colin's bench.

: You and Colin were family but because you so graciously shared him with us, we all shared in your sorrow. Hugs for you and Mac today.

: I knew it was close but didnt realise it was today ,hugs loved that wee guy ,mac wil give u plenty of hugs Sean Kearns Sr. x

: Every Blessing Sean. X x

: Bless sweet Colin. He was a keeper for sure! Sweet memories of a special boy.

: Still think about him to this day greatly missed Sean xxx

: Aww

: 💔😓 miss you Colin.

: Thinking of you today Sean, hoping that you're ok. Colin was so very special and had a place in everyone's heart, we remember him today with love and affection. ❤️

: 😢 I can't believe it's been a year already. Even though I don't know you or knew Colin personally I cried when you announced he died. I enjoyed seeing his adventures every day. I've had dogs my and know how hard it is to lose one. I know today is going to be rough but just remember Mr. C is in a better place and you will get to see him again one day.

: Colin was a very special dog to us all. He brightened our days with his trips to the park, his sunglasses and his love of ice-cream. He was a cyber friend to us but I know to you he was your world and I can only jmagjne how hard it's been for you Sean. Thank you for letting us love Colin and for continuing to share your memories with us. He was one special dog , very much loved and missed. He's watching over you and Mac and seeing the joy that Mac now brings to us all. Sending hugs Sean X

: Hugs xxx