Colin added a new photo.

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Marjorie Fox: Hello Mr Swan I bet they miss you to Colin xxxxxx

Kathy Killmurray: Happy memories with Colin and Mr. Swan.

Helen Crowe: Hey my fav Westie in the world πŸ’•

Guadalupe Arriaga: 😘😘😘

Rhonda Pickens: Angel Colin and his Swan Nephews !! Love this one ❀️

M Jill Mclaren: Awe :)

Nancy Jonasson: Awesome, not many as brave as Mr. C

Pauline Brine: Silly Mr Swan. Don't you know who you're hissing at? Stand down immediately! My darling Colin. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Pip Carr: Such a beautiful picture.

Kim Minter-Rohrich: β™₯ Colin β™₯

Natalie Mackay: Oh look at you Colin, so gentle and unfazed by Mr grumpy swan! πŸ’™πŸΎπŸ˜‡

Kristen Acosta: Mr C. And the squad!😍😎

Claire Bell: Gossiping at the lake.

Mary Funk: Sean what a GREAT pic..he is so brave to try to give Mr. Swan a kiss.!


Cindy Ross Aylward: Angel Mr.C needs to tell Mac how to deal with Hissy..that's my name for the swan! Incredible the toys didn't take a fall into the pond! Mr.C you were a magic man~β™‘~

Beverly Zimmerman: Love it

Rosanna Trimboli: Miss you Colin.

Betty Ruth Gunn Ditmore: Great Photo, good memories.

Cheryl King: Love this photo with Colin and Swan!πŸ’

Heather Bentley Jones: BRILLIANT xx

Hamish Keenan: not even bothered by the swan.brilliant.

Elizabeth Heinz: Hi Colin..we miss you.