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Ann Marie Cannon: Oh this was one of my favorite photos.Oh my little Sweetheart ,you looked so cute that day.And the horses right behind you.It's a lovely pic Dad,should be a keepsake ,for sure.I miss you My little ANGEL. But now you have a new job.Watching Little Mac ,mind the park.With all your furry ,friends,horses, and of course Mr and Mrs Swan. I'll see you in the park,I know I will. xoxoxoxoxxooxxoxoxoxoxxoxox

Pauline Brine: You are one cool dude. ❤️❤️❤️

Kathy Coronado: Seeing all of Colins pictures it makes me think of Mac and all the fun he is in for.

Mark Loiner Willmore: colin just walking on by

Nancy Jonasson: Beautiful

Walter Smith: I always had to shout HORSES! In case Colin missed seeing them 😋

Kim Minter-Rohrich: ♥ Colin ♥

Beverly Zimmerman: ❤💔

Jeanette Micca: When Schoep passed, John could feel his presence in the hiking trails they frequented so often. I'm certain Colin's spirit is also present at Prospect Park...I hope Sean has experienced this. Good night sweet Colin

Joy Burbury: Hope COLIN wasn't scared by horses 🐶🐾

Mary Funk: Beautiful photo of you Colin !! Love you Sweet ANGEL COLIN !!

Marjorie Fox: Always on patrol weren't you sweet Angel xxxx

Liz Johnson: Colin you were so Bonnie would not pose for a photo as you used I don't have such great pictures to remember her by...this one of you in the fall is super special..miss you wee man..xx

Christine Pearn: Oh Colin so very handsome !

Heather Gow: I remember this one as was so impressed how calm he was around horses! bless him but that was just Colin such a gentle gent :-) x x x

Linda Gardner: This could well be a promotional picture for Prospect Park! I think it's a fabulous photo, Sean😊

Dheng Geromiano Jacobs: 😎❤️ love u