Colin added a new photo.

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Linda Gardner: Sweet Colin ♡

Mike Barauskas: Great photo

Debbie Wischmann: Sean....not sure if you saw this, but it's for you♡

Debra Carr: In all our hearts always

Lisa Jones: I miss you and your daily posts.

Susan Barlow: He looked serious there

Marjorie Fox: This is a beautiful photo of Colin xxxxx

Kimberly Cencerik Comer: Love

Rhonda Pickens: Awe? I love this

Gail Adkinson: ...a pensive moment..

Beverly Zimmerman: Awesome

Guadalupe Arriaga: 🌹🌹😘😘😘

Natalie Mackay: I've said it before and I'll say it again. Colin was the most photogenic Westie in the world 🐾🐾

Gayle Merrell: Beautiful....wonder what you were thinking about here Colin?

Kalena Karen Sanders Edmund: Colin ❤️always

Fiona Knox: Beautiful pixie- handsome wee boy! X

Pamela Pennington Potts: ❤❤❤

Mary Funk: Love you sweet ANGEL COLIN !!

Elizabeth Heinz: Your Colin must have loved having you take his picture. He is so cooperative ...nice!

Donna Faggi: Colin looks so young in this photo 💕

Kim Minter-Rohrich: ♥ Colin ♥

Susan Beranek: <3 Just thinking over exactly what to do next ... :)

Marney Seah: Colin, A penny paw your thoughts? Must be deciding what flavor of ice cream on this day ??

Diana Boorman: Beautiful Colin <3 xxx

Clio Bailey Wagstaff: Gorgeous x x