Colin updated their profile picture.

Latest comments:

April Holcomb: Great pic!

Linda Gardner: Love this! πŸ˜ƒ Mr C sporting his summer look

Jenny Stonehouse: Colin you're looking younger than ever! πŸ• x

Helen Crowe: gorgeous as always mate ! x

Susan Meenan: Fantastic photo Colin! Looking very dapper! Xx

Rhonda Pickens: Love this picture !!!!!!!!

Bobby Brown: Handsome Colin!! Great picture !!!

Ann Ansell: Wit woo Colin 😘

Pauline Brine: So handsome. Xxx

Marjorie Fox: What a lovely photo you look very young Colin xxxxxx

Linda Ferreira: Colin, you really look FAB !!!

Brenda McAlpine McGladrey: What a handsome Dude you are Colin !!!!

Anne Presnal: Such a big Westie smile! 😎

Jonny Wilford: Commando Colin ☺

Mary Meeks: Colin, you look fabulous! Love your smile and I guess you were able to stay in the park longer! You couldn't look any better if you tried!

Anne Witherspoon Armstrong: Oh Colin! You are so handsome! Dad should frame this photo!!😘

Alice Vacca: & send one to all his FB Aunties!

Sue Thigpen: Mississippi Troopers and Nene say this is the best picture this yearπŸΎπŸΎπŸ˜πŸ’™

Peter Eley: Now is that the cutest??

Susan Barlow: You are so handsome our friend!

Susan Heseltine: like your new look colin.x

Walter Smith: Bonnie wee bairn 😍

Beverly Zimmerman: You are so special and awesome

Phaedra Endre Brown: Beautiful pic!!

Kris Moore: Collin is the cutest dog