Colin added 3 new photos — at Prospect Park.

Looks like a thunderstorm may be brewing! We got our walkie in & we're home

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Ann Marie Cannon: Hi my little Sweetheart !!! Oh no Thunder !!!! I'm sorry I did not see you today. My daughter took me out for Bunch, for Mothers Day. So I will see you the rest of the time. I missed you and snoopy and the gang, and Dad. Stay inside. xoxoxoxoxoxoxxox

Mary Funk: yes.. get home before the storms !!

Rhonda Pickens: I'm glad you and Dad got home before it began thundering ☔️💦⚡️

Walter Smith: Nice pics Sean😎

Martha Carswell: Glad your in out of the storm and thunder colin are you upset when it thunders the loud noises does it bother you xxx

Marjorie Fox: Well at least you got your patrol in before it started Colin xxxx

Marjorie Fox: Love the tree do you know the name of it Sean xxxxxxx

Colin: No,.Marjorie i can see this tree from my window, .first time i noticed the blooms!

Linda Ferreira: Hi, Colin , how are you, boy ?

Heather Gow: Good oh glad you are home safely :-) x x

Colin: Good Linda Ferraro thanks :)

Linda Ferreira: My westie Diva wishes you a nice week !

Michelle Stephenson: Love a good thunderstorm shame our doggies don't 😒

Colin: Colin is good with thunder,.doesn't bother him! :)

Michelle Stephenson: Knew you were a toughie Colin 😀

Susan Beranek: Be safe with those storms around, Colin xoxo <3

Sally Hall: The horsechesnut tree is just like the one in my garden, I think we shall be having conker fights😃