Colin looking for ice cream at Prospect Park

Mr C & crew,.I don't nose about u guys but I'm ready for some cherry vanilla ice cream! ;)

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: Cherry vanilla, not had that one yum yum

: Sounds delicious! Xxxx

: Wiv pnutz????

: Sorry guys - private joke - lol xx Best wishes from the woofalot!

: Sir - she loves it!!!

: Our favorite ice cream was recalled..."all flavors. :-(

: You look after yourself Colin and let them fend for themselves too. If you're no fast, you're last! 👍

: Sounds good to me ,enjoy x

: Mmmmmmmmmm cherry Vanilla me thinks I need to visit Prospect Park ;-) x x

: The crew is looking good

: 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦😍