Colin at Prospect Park - Lakeside

Mr C & Joe Cool,.on patrol! ♡

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: That looks like the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by. Weather looks good too. Enjoy 😊

: Pretty as a picture you are

: Good morning!!! My little sweetheart!!!! Hooray ! your in the park,it's a wonderful day,to be on patrol. See you soon. xoxoxoxoxoxxoox

: There you are! Great seeing you in the park with Joe Cool! Dad gives you all kinds of adventures!

: Looks like a good spot for keeping an eye on things. 😘❤

: Looking good guys !!!!! Keeping order is hard work 😋

: Beautiful spot & such a serene photo!

: Looking good wee bairns😎

: Looks a lovely day Colin xxxx

: Lovely picture. You two be careful up there :-) x x