Colin at Prospect Park

The turtles & gang are back! :)

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: Yah!

: How great for you, Colin! More funin with your friends and...more action and noise, too!!! :-) :-) :-)!!!

: All the more to enjoy Mr. C's company 🐧🐍🐌🐬

: Oh my little sweetheart!!!!! Look at all those ducks. Wow!! I guess the gang is all back. Have a great day,in the park. Nice photo Dad! xooxooxxo

: Are those really turtles. How amazing!!! How lucky you are to have such a beautiful place so close to home. Wonderful.

: Turtle soup!!!!!

: Wow Colin! Turtles! Your one lucky wee bairn - such a Bonnie place to hang out😎

: Wow Colin you have all kinds of wild life in your park . It's so cool 😊😊😊

: Oh turtles how lucky are you ;-) x x