Colin added 2 new photos — at Prospect Park.

Mr C,.ahh a lil warmer today! :)

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: That's good, pleased you are out and about Colin enjoy x

: Roll on summer eh Colin xxxx

: Good Morning, Colin and Dad! Glad you can have a little Sun tpday and enjoy some fun in the park! Hoping you both have a great day! Love you in red!!!

: Dad really found you a great stump on which to pose. You both have a lovely day, OK?!? By the ay, I agree with Mary Meeks ... you look absolutely smashing in red! <3

: Hi Colin..nice & warm in that smart parka.xx

: It looks sunny.

: Looks like a great day for you. Don't let snoopy fall off the stump!

: The lake looks look very fasjimg ad usual

: He's so cute.