Four Paws News: Prime Minister Moose will make an official visit to the Dog House at the invitation of President Westie Lim. The visit affirms close and longstanding partnership with the Republic of Dogs and provides an opportunity to renew and expand bilateral cooperation. Prime Minister Moose will be welcomed by President Westie Lim at an official arrival ceremony at the Dog House North Lawn with 88 siberian huskies, followed by a meeting in the Circle Office. President Westie Lim and First Lady Nala will host Prime Minister Moose to a State Dinner at the Dog House. Live photo of President Westie Lim expecting the arrival of Prime Minister Moose. #westielim #presidentwestielim #officialvisit #doghouse #firstladynala #nala #westieandnala #primeministermoose

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: Again, no pants... President lim🙈🙈

: I hope that Prime Minister Moose likes Siberian Huskies!

: I am worried for Prime Minister Moose...