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Sarah Baker: What the he'll are these people doing? It looks like animal abuse. Dogs walk on 4 legs not 2. Their hips and back bones aren't built to hold their weight upright. Hitting animals is absolutely unfounded. Those animals are terrified.

Renáta Csilla Dobi: Na ezért sem tanítom. A kutyámat mindenféle baromságra, hogy jópofa legyen! Jopofa ezek nélkül is! A fontos dolgokat megtanulta már az elején a hangleejtésemből. Szegény kutyik 😓

Sian Houghton: If a dog doesn't do a trick for Love then they shouldn't do it at all. The low life's that do this need to be punished and banned from having animals ever

Erica de la Torre: Hijos de puta! Les daria su merecido lo que le hacen a los pobres animales, espero que algun dia sean castigados por el daño que han hecho

Thierry Caporossi Delernia: Dogs are not toys ! This kind of videos is stupid ! I will never share any video like that !

Mary Maryn: Vergognosi..si devono segnalare agli animalisti , gente di merda..

Susan Charles: WTF??? Can I hit those people for NOT walking on all fours??? Sure would love to!!!!

Barbara Berensen: Immer nur Gewalt. Warum ? Das ist so schrecklich. Da kann man nicht mehr hin gucken. Das tut so unendlich weh. Der arme Hund :-(

Emanuela Minichiello: Ma quanto fanno schifo!!! Poveri piccoli !!!😿😿😿 Siete delle merde schifose!!!

Andreea Paduret: I'm disgusted with the likes of people like this..

Amie Wilz: Fucking cunts!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

Susan Charles: UGLY people!

Nayara Suarez Requena: Nunca me lo parecio

Andrew Harding: i would smash this fucking dirt bag if i found him

Natalia Búrdalo: Esto hay que denunciarlo!

Olympia Gaki: Bastards!!!

Reny Chiarini: Ma non si puo fare queste cose

Paloma Garcia Martinez: Vergonzoso😡

Andrew Harding: Wtf