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: When Buddy was still with us, he passed away last year at 18, we had a dinner party. He jumped up in the lap of one of our guests. She's a dog person so she didn't mind and our guests thought it was funny. But then he started eating off her plate and she said no and he actually growled at her. He was my baby.

: I had one before❤️❤️ they are so lovely n cute ,still missed her Silky xx

: Jill Negaard, this would be our dogs if you allowed it!

: Prue Watson this could be Sheryl and Winston....

: Dougal sending love from scotland xxx

: Katia Tañega they look like they're about to drop an indie album

: Miss kerry wants to join

: Hector in the woods

: Get your elbows off that table !,,, What are you !, animals ? lol.

: That picture is so precious. They look like little teddy bears. xx

: Mrs Pickle Pyper loves the sunnn

: Too cute

: Hora de la comidaaaa Miguel

: Mira Nimbe Rivera de Servín , lolita, boludo y sissy :D

: Ella Nuutinen tässä on nähtävästi mun tulevaisuus 😅

: Potti e i cugini Ilenia Sut

: 😍

: Evi Tasos το φαγητό είναι έτοιμο! Τα παιδιά δε μπορούν να περιμένουν άλλο!

: Pingo sonha! Saulo e Regi

: Měla unavené nožičky.

: τελειααααααααααα τ'αγαπωωωω

: S Wendy na pivečku.