West Highland White Terrier with Perla Pacheco

A Westie ( WHWT ) The national symbol of Bilbao / Spain.

Latest comments:

Miranda Jansen: Spain, the land where they do cruel things to dogs ???????

Stephen Blanchette: How can a Westie be the "national" symbol of a city.

Maria Kardassi: Viva Bilbao!!!

Carolyn Turner: At the Gugenheim museum! It's beautiful!

Daniel Kröner: Wow, just wow... :o Sabine Kröner

Belén Maestro: Yes, it's great !! Come to see it !! :-)

Cecil Anderson: Very cool!

Barbu Ramona: So niceeee

Carolyn Turner: It's called the puppy

Jo Gray: Looks like bag puss

Dani Rie: Gjema June da müssen wir mal mit Dean hin💜

Thierry Caporossi Delernia: :)

Andréa Mishima Nagamine Cazarim: Bruno M Nagamine

Kay Louise Bradshaw: Paige Bradshaw

Giulia Cosco: Diletta Cosco Claudio Cosco