West Highland White Terrier added 2 new photos.

Thanks God, all went well, Nawja is at home now with diet and antibiotic.

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Mark Price: That's probably the collest money box iv ever seen

Mindy Quick: Feel better soon Nawja! Love Smokey! Pulaski, Tennessee USA

Alison McPherson: Aw wee precious. 💙. Get well soon from Angus xx

An Ja: Get well soon, little Westi

Clive Wiltshire: Get well soon Nawja

Susan Charles: Poor baby"

Jayme Short: Prayers for a speedy recovery from Monte, Long Island, New York!! Xoxo

Dorothy Nan Hooper: Ah bless....good all is well...lots of TLC prescribed 🐶🐾🐾

Lucia Rios Hainan: Quick recovery, we will have our on prayers too.

Natalia Suarez: Poor sweet baby Get well soon <3

Laila B. L. Krogager: Also greetings from Lui

Mary Ann Hunt: Nice to see another westie from long island Jayme Short.. were in Nassau county

Sandra Mehdi Lounes Poppy: Hi, I too have a westie " Poppy " we are from France . what ever happen to your westie ?

Rhonda Rivas: Get well soon poor baby!!

Denise Dayton-Olson: Hope your puppy heals fast

Maria Rosa Manent Igual: Q SE RECUPERE PRONTO

Faith Smitherman: Get well soon Nawja! 😍

Nancy Spencer: Glad to hear all went well!

Thierry Caporossi Delernia: Good recovery Nawja !

Laura Jean: Awe...feel better soon ♡

Giulia Zanaglio: Kyra hopes she feels better a.s.a.p. from Brescia, italy

Noriko Kawamoto: I hope you'll get well soon!

M Susana Stamenkovic: Poor baby.. hope she feels better soon :-(

Laura Rivera: Get well soon from Kobe!