West Highland White Terrier with Daisy Neira in Sitges

Hello everybody, Well, I have a bad news, Nawja has heart problems, she can not do extreme exercise, or run for much time because her heart suffers a shock. For that reason I bought this fantastic dog bag.

Latest comments:

: Love it

: She looks good!!

: Love love love this

: Sending well wishes. However, she looks very happy in her new bag.

: Me encanta yo tengo uno igual y comprare la bolsa.....

: Enjoy Nawja 👍👊

: Well wishes your way

: Prayers for her!

: What a cutie love the bag where did you purchase it?

: Where there is a will, there's a way! Sorry about her heart condition, but glad to see y'all aren't letting it get you down. :)

: cool!

: me la como , pues aunque sea teletransportada ..

: <3

: That is truly awesome! Look how happy she looks!

: I'm glad she can still enjoy outings with you.

: ❤

: hi Nawja. u have a good mommie ilove westie's i have one .

: She looks cool o the bag and we'll done you for such dedication x

: Get well, Nawja!

: How sweet We're did you bye it from xx

: Aww she's enjoying herself!

: She is training you in the ways of the Force!

: That's cool

: Quiero un morral para que me carguen