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: Ke akuerdo kuando el mio se kedaba asi!!! Se murio el año pasao y kuando veo otro westyy me rekuerda a ell.

: Sally Molloy Ryan. Martin Ryan

The Lone Beader: Adorable!!

: Mine is a rescue dog and hates her weekly 20 minute soak. But I wouldn't change her for the world!

: Qute ❤️❤️

: Acabo de bañar a mis dos westis jajajajaj

: My two ladies takes a bath too at first summer day in Chile!!

: Mirjana Rupf kennsch das 😉

: Cristiana Tocci ♥

: Arianna

: Beautiful !!!!

: Fahd Alaoui :D

: Lækkert🎅så stille ville molly aldrig stå😳

: A pior parte da vida! Pelo menos para a mel é...

: Christina Karafina

: Erinn Elizabeth---OMG!! That was her exactly!! Pin head when wet and scared! Good times! Love this!💗💗

: Lori Daggett-Jones pink baby girl!! 💗💗

: 🚿🚿🚿🛁🛁🛁👻👻👻 😫😖