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Patut handmade pentru catei talie mica/medie, cusut si finisat manual, realizat din materiale naturale, dimensiuni 71/ 53 cm, inaltime 23 cm, umplut cu puf siliconic si confortabil pentru orice blanita. Perna detasabila. Model unicat! Pret 110 lei. Forma dreptunghiulara a patului si marginile inalte sunt ideale pentru ghemuit si ofera un sentiment de securitate animalutului. Patul se poate spala la 30°C. Handmade bed for small/medium size dogs, manually sewn and finished, made from natural materials, size 71/53 cm, hight 23 cm, filled with silicone down and comfortable for any furry pets. Removable cushion. Unique design! Price 24,5 euro. The rectangular shape of the bed and high margins are ideal for squatting and provides a sense of security for the pet . The bed is washable at 30 ° C.

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