We're Forever Sisters.. and that's the way we like it.

Latest comments:

Andi O'Shea: Bonny Roebuck reminds me of daisy and dolly - maybe they r the 2 westies the house up the street that I see when I walk the dogs?

Beth Dionne Folcarelli: Just love my little guy ... now he is 2❤️

Leanne Thomas: You are very beautiful sisters too. You have a grubby face though Pep have you been digging up those lizards. Getting sentimental before your big birthday

Kristen Clarkin: You girls have such a lovely sun spot today! Wish it was warm and sunny here. Brrrr. ❄️🌬

Kathy Rowland: You are lucky Peppper to have a lovely sister like Britney you seem to get on so well together.X 💕💕💕💕

Dee Webb: Too hot today to play! Best place, relax by the pool! Sisters rock!

Joan Adair: Two beautiful sisters and good friends!! xx

Kathy Knepp: Pepper The Westie and Britney I love your desk calendar I received! First year and plan on getting it for 2018

Janey May: Beautiful lil white fluffy bears 🐾🐾☁️🐾🐾☁️💛💛

Lynda Teresa Catling: Two beautiful little westies ❤🐾❤🐾

Ingrid de Wolff-Rhebergen: From Holland with love.💋💋

Dot Monds: So adorable 😍😘❤️

Edith Cohernour: You are so beautifil! ❤❤❤❤❤

Jean Watson: They are gorgeous 💕 xxx

Sue Gowty: How beautiful are you two xxxx

Jan Wynne-Jones: Beautiful 💕

Leanne Currie: Just beautiful xx