It's just too hot outside today. πŸ˜“β˜€οΈ

Latest comments:

Aaron Diemert: Laying by the pool in Oregon USA , we are dreaming of the summer sun. Thank you for the beautiful calendars.

Julieann Rimmer: It's very hot here in NSW, and going to be for the next week... Stay cool, from Bailey...

Kornelija Cernok: Snow from Kinga πŸ’—

Julie Rabu: Not here! Love Sydney The Westie

Jean Reed Saylor: Stay Cool Pepper Pup and the other Westie too. LOVE U from Fairfax, VA, USA.

Nic Chabot Foran: Not so hot here...

Brooke Trujillo: Come to Colorado, We've had at least 90" of snow in the high county just this week...

Leanne Currie: It's like that here on NSW central coast 40 + degrees my 2 are inside with me in the air con xx 🐾🐾

Maria Stroop: Good idea stay indoors & keep cool. Here in Adelaide it's cooler today, even had some nice rain. Yippee. 🌦

Joan Adair: We have had snow here in Northern Ireland today so some heat would be lovely here Pepper. Stay inside and keep cool πŸ˜™ xx

Linda Davies: Its just too cold here Pepper. Wakefield England x

June Mackie: You're lucky! It's freezing and snowy here in the UK!

Lauren Woolerton: It was hot here yesterday, ok for now but 38C due Monday :(

Sue Gowty: We did that last week when it was forty plus nice cool day today with a bit of rain , drink lots and keep cool xxxx

Jean Potter: We have snow pepper and britney xx

Lucy Musk: Just take the slow lane of life gitls and conserve energy......for pool time.....😍

Kay Errington: Stay cool Pepper! XOXO <3

Leanne Thomas: You can just relax inside girls

Janet Highet: Stay indoors and keep 😎 cool. 🌹🐢

Barbara Goudie: You both look nice and relaxed,

Karen Kohlman: You're still cute!

Hope Cox: Keep cool girls!