It's been a hot day here today... Mum has finally filled up our pool!!

Latest comments:

Gloria Niles: You're lucky Pepper. Very cold and snowy here in Wisconsin!

Nic Chabot Foran: Perhaps a run in the snow would cool them off!! πŸ˜‰β›„οΈβ„

Julieann Rimmer: I love my pool as well, it's hot in NSW...Bailey...

Linda Davies: Snow β›„ forecast tomorrow in England. Not very warm here and so windy ❄⛄

Kristen Clarkin: Oh yes, the pool is lovely when it's hot out! We're the opposite right now. It was -31C with the windchill yesterday. Definitely not pool weather!

Roselyn Waters: You look a bit wet there pepper but cool so thats good

Mary Ann Kalwarski: Wow. Wish it was warm here. Barely made it into the 20s

Wendy McGowan: You look like a drowned rat lol

Gaye Campbell: Just what every hot little Westie needs - a lovely cool dip.

June Mackie: Enjoy having fun in your pool xx

Margaret Wilson Hamilton: It must be good having to go into to your small. poll to cool down

Sue Gowty: Lucky girls we spent three days inside with the fans and the air conditioning on last week here in south Australia. Definitely good weather for a pool ......enjoy xxxx keep cool...

Lucy Musk: Pep, you are one cool pooch 😊

Narelle Herzig: Keep cool 😎 The weather is not looking any better for the next few days🌞🐾🐾

Isobel James: Beautiful photo Pepper ❀️

Hope Cox: Ahhhhh...

Barbara Seidman: Looks like fun!πŸΎπŸ’•

Jim Lewandowski: Cool and refreshing

Rosie Bastin: Happy paddles πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Leanne Thomas: Oh Pep you look gorgeous. Willow has been in my new spa down here in country victoria

Janet Highet: Looks cool. πŸΆπŸ˜Žβ˜ƒοΈ

Frances Lewis: They love thare pool

Stephanie Cope: Adorable