Sometimes I'm just sleepy... well maybe all the time. πŸ˜œπŸ’€

Latest comments:

Katy Spencer: I'm loving my 2017 calendar here in NE Oregon! Makes me smile every morning.

Narelle Herzig: Especially in our heatwave🐾🌞🌞

Caroline Murray: Ur sooooo !!! Cute just like my wee Olly. Bonnie wee doggies !! Thats for sure!! Xx

Anita Savage: Same here Pepper just a wee 40 winks lol hi from Ollie xx

Mike Cooper: rest well

Judith Ostrum: Hi miss u two love westies grandma

Elaine Marr: Sleepy time πŸ’€

Kathy Rowland: You would sleep even more if you live here ( UK) Pepper it's so dark.X 😴😴😴

Kelli Noga: It is too hot to do anything else !

Irene Morphett: Yep it's that kind of weather xx

Vickie Sanchez: It's that kind of weather

Jim Lewandowski: Poor baby

Michelle Robison Vickrey: My Westie mad because the Lab was hogging the bed!

Jennifer Young: It's a Westie thing

Chris Ian Stevens: Yep! Roxy's with you on this one, Pepper!

Heidi Holness: Too cute!!

Lyn Sheely: Westies are the best! Missing mine.

Barbara Seidman: Maybe u r sleepy because the weather is bad??u feel ok don't u??πŸΎπŸΎπŸ’•πŸ’•

Leanne Thomas: What a beautiful little face

Jean Potter: Just like my Max xx

James Cutmore: Catherine Parker, oh my god! How cute is pepper!! 😍😘

Janet Highet: Me? Yes. 🌹🐢