What a year it has been! Britney, Mum, Dad and I would love to thank you for all your caring, thoughtful, funny and loving comments and messages throughout the year. Also each and everyone of you who shared photos, videos and any helpful advice to us as well as everyone else. We have had such an amazing year with lots of ups and downs. One being Britney's recovery from her knee surgery and all the other mischievous adventures we got up to! We have big plans next year for some exciting new adventures and don't forget I turn 10!! Thank you again for making this year so special and wishing you a Happy New Year. xx Pepper The Westie, Britney, Leah & Ben.

Latest comments:

Lauren Woolerton: I look forward to seeing your posts, photos and videos so much Pepper and Britney. Thank you for being such sweet natured girls and giving us all so many smiles and laughs, and when you are sick or hurt, we all feel for you too 💖💖 Sending you best wishes and much love for 2017 and to you too, Leah and Ben for everything you do for the girls, and for all of us who love them so much 💖💖

Charlene Ann Tremblay: Happy New Year, Pepper! Looking ford to your adventures in 2017!!

Ellen Casanova: Thank you for that adorable presentation. I used to have a Westie and know how charming they can be. You are very fortunate.

Mike Cooper: loved the video, brilliant, x

Judy Goode: I so love seeing all your posts and pics. Lovely way to start the day. Happy New Year from us holidaying in Dublin THE best place in the world to be on NYE! All the best to Pepper Britney and family. Xx

Christine Hamilton: Happy new year to you and the puppies. From teddy from northwest ohio

Lucy Musk: Thank you so much Pepper and Britney just for being there, you have bathed me in countless smiles and lifted my spirits soooh high in a really tough and sad year for me as I lost my westie loving hubby in Dec, thank you so much Leah and Ben for the work you put in, in keeping Pepper and Britney in my westie besotted life ☺ May you all have a safe and super wonderful year 😙

Katy Spencer: Happy New year and many Blessings to your family! .......from Oregon!

Kathy Knepp: Such a joy to see your adventures! Here is to a fabulous 2017!

Sara Jo Hosey: Enjoy your posts and enjoyed seeing you at Sims Cooking School in November❤

Ena Sumpton: Happy new year to you and your familyxxxooo

Sue Gowty: What a great video thank you very much xxxxxxx :-) :-* :-) :-*

Hope Cox: Love this. So many great memories.

Dee Downing: Happy New Year to all of you! Best Wishes for a fabulous 2017!

Carole Wiffen: Should be us thanking you. For making us laugh,smile,worry, and care about you all. Cant wait to hear about your adventures in 2017. Happy New Year from Frinton,Uk. xxxx

Janet Highet: Love the videos. Happy New Year. 🌹🐶🎉

Ngaire Wilkins: Happy new year to you both and mum and dad. Looking forward to your adventures this year. Xxx🐶

Chris Bish: Happy New Year Pepper, Britney and family. You never fail to put a smile on my face. So photogenic

Sandra Furze-Danson: Love that you share and care for your mum and dad too and they care for both of you so much. Great to have wonderful parents. Happy new year to you all xx

Dona Emens: Happy New Year🍾🍾🍾🍾Love all the fun adventures of these 2 Westies and family.