Great news.. After a good nights rest in Mum and Dad's bed Britney has recovered from her nasty bull ant bite. He got her right in between her back paw. Ouch! But she's back to her normal self this morning. 😘

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: Snow and Diva say yay !!!!

: That's good news Pepper! Hugs to you both xx

: I'm so happy that Britney is better, Pepper. When my sister was three years old she sat down on a Bull Ant's nest and she was very sick for a week. Love to all. XX <3 <3

: That is great news, glad you are feeling better Pepper πŸ’–πŸ’–

: Amen, so grateful we are better today!

: I'm not sure what s bull ant bite is, but here in FL we have poisonous bu fu frogs. We're always on the look out as humans, but our Westie's are one step ahead.

: Glad you're better today Britney ! Lots of love and hugs from Scotland to you and Pepper ' x

: So pleased Britney is feeling better.Horrible Bull Ant.!! Glad we don't have them here. X 😊😊😊

: Great news for Britney, glad she recovered from that nasty bite. Have a lovely day everyone!! πŸ˜€ xx

: That's great, bull ant bites are painful. 😘 πŸ’œ

: Poor baby πŸ˜₯ Molly moo sends big hugs and kisses to Britney 😘😘😘

: Ouch poor Britney. Pepper you must have been a great help. Glad yoir feeling better

: Amazing what a lot of TLC and sleeping with Mum and Dad can do for a poor injured baby.xoxoxo

: Check you out poppet!! Glad you're well but in future don't go to that extreme to get in the big bed. Just use those awesome peepers instead xx

: Great. Teddy from nw ohio. Sends his best regards. No bull ants here. Thank goodnessJust

: Great glad your better Brittany! Hugs from Princess in Florida! πŸ˜Šβ˜€οΈ

: Aw so glad Pepper,that your sister is ok! 😊 now don't you get bitten,sound horrible bull ants!glad we don't have them in England hugs to you all X

: Good on you Britney pleased to hear all ok . . have a great day everybody xxxx :-) :-* :-) :-*

: Glad your feeling better Britney, Even though i dont know what a bull ant looks like, they sound blooming horrible. xxx