What a beautiful day! What is everyone up to?

Latest comments:

: As for Pepper The Westie you r always adorable. I will b ordering a calendar

: You two look very relaxed in the sun. There's a heavy frost here so we will be having a really quick walk today. X Roll on Spring.!! X πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

: Wow Pepper finally a chance to relax for both of us. I just had my first 'float'. A sensory deprivation tank.....sooooo relaxed

: Sitting inside out of the rain here in Tassie x

: 😍 Getting my Westie fix πŸ˜™

: The beach! What else!? :)

: her passing just reminds me of us baby boomers who may have or have heart disease and how to stay healthy with or without drugs. Both my parents had heart disease and I am terrified/taking care of myself to prevent this crap. I wonder what and when her heart disease began?? So sad. In this day and age I would think her death could of been prevented. I wonder if she was being treated or if this was a sudden thing. Lots of questions I have.

: I'm back to work today but my girls are home with dad in the air con watching the cricket lol xx

: It's 3-45in the morning here in Wolverhampton England and it's minus 1 degree so it's rather chilly love you pepper and Britney xx

: Terrible weather here! Watching TV :)

: Finally, just relaxing and watching the telly 😊

: R u two cuties just watching the world go round... look at that little tushy!πŸΎπŸ’•πŸΎπŸ’•

: Watching the cricket and Benny and Puddin are flat on their backs under the fan .....lol.....have a lovely day everybody xxxx :-) :-* :-) :-*

: Relaxing with my Westie Scotty rainy day here in Hobart ❀

: Thinking of Carrie Fisher and her dog Gary Fisher. Thinking of what happens when we pass before out pets. Only a fool would think that they do not mourn our passing.

: It's very hot today in NSW Australia and going to get hotter in the next couple of days... Not long had dinner and going to clean up... After that Going to relax with my little boy Bailey ...

: Snuggling with my fur-babies. ❀ Soon going to bed. It's 8:52 p.m. in the state of Pennsylvania, U.S.

: A walk on the beach for Mac. It's sunny but very cold in the north east of England. Xx

: Yes! Its pouring down here at South Arm Lorraine Ferguson.

: About to get out my Love Actually DVD :)

: I'm in Helsinki sight seeing. It's cold! ❄️❄️

: Thinking of what one has missed at the Boxing Day Sales?

: Sitting in the koru lounge waiting to start a South America adventure. Happy New Year to you. I will miss my fur babies so will need my fix from you guys x

: Snuggling with Miss Sassie watching a Hallmark movie

: Hi Pepper and Britney. Its thick frost and foggy in Essex uk but sun has just broken thru the fog. Going to have another relaxing day doing the housework!!! xx