Pepper The Westie added 2 new photos.

Pepper might have a fancy bandana Britney says but I have a cool fedora hat..

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: Our beloved Westie, Angus, went to heaven a few days ago. So nice to see you happy Pepper.

: Britney, I'm so impressed you're keeping the fedora on! Pretty girl!

: Scooter wants to play dress up as well.!!!

: Great fedora....only special dogs can pull off that look

: Trick or treating the end of the month in that outfit should get plenty of treats there.

: Hi Britney !how cool u look in your fedora hat!! Soooôo cute!!!!

: You go girl!!! I think you have outdone Pepper this time. Love it.

: The coolest Britney 😄

: So cute. I think that hat came flying off right after the snap.

: Your style is very very pretty Britney !!!

: Oh Britney, you are looking mighty fine in the fedora :)

: very fetching Britney you can swop for a change with pepper

: Love Britney"s hat for myself,ha,ha..So cute,both of them.

: Your are looking very striking in you hat Pepper!! xx

: You are adorable in your Fedora. Such a trend setter......

: Now wheres my cane? Im about to do my act

: Looking good Britney. X

: Love it! Super cool doggie x

: Looking good Britney. 😊

: looking good both of you x

: Love the hat!

: Kewl dudette ! 😀❤️️😀❤️️

: Gorgeous x 😀

: You're just as pretty.

: Sooo cute little girl :)