Pepper The Westie added 3 new photos.

I asked Mr Whale if he could move over but he didn't listen... Lucky he is the sharing type.

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: Looks like a battle of wills between the 2

: How gorgeous bless

: Aww so cute. 🐶🐶

: Jackie J Love does 'Tony Abbot' hog the bed?

: Good thing you have a big bed Pepper!

: Not a lot of room really - at least it's soft for you!! xx

: Lol. Surprising! My Westie is such a bed hog! Andrew. Lol. We're the Westie in this picture lol

: Having a whale of a good time snoozing!

: Isn't that Moby Dick from Gold Coast, Seaworld?

: Awe precious

: U look very blah! R u ok??

: She just looks totally worn out.

: gee, you look nice and comfy there x

: Funny my do this! Bed hogs!

: Mr Whale love you and he wants to sleep with you !!!!

: Westies know how to share!

: Oh my goodness. Such sweet picture

: I would love to know where u got that toy whale !

: This is Britney I think 😍😍😍

: ❤️🐾Mr. Whale would miss his snugly friend if you weren't there.

: So cute

: so funny

: Just when I think you can't get any cuter 😍😘

: That whale will never win against Pepper! Oh maybe he already has..lolol🐶

: Me encanta!y con una ballena de compañia, esta muy gracioso.Felicitaciones.