Pepper The Westie shared their photo.

This is very true... Sometimes the smallest things Take up the most room In your heart.

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: Absolutely Love This...I have This on my "Pepper the Westie" calender !!! :-)

: How cute!!

: Awesome

: So true. Glad to see Britney is feeling a little bit better. Big hugs from us and our Hamish xxx

: Such a great picture

: So very true, my girl WILMA x

: I know my little Gus takes up a huge part of my heart... :)

: The three loves of Ben's life!!! Such a beautiful Mum and her girls~♡♡♡

: For sure. ❤️

: So true💕

: It's a good thing I have my own westie, or I'd fly down there are give those 2 hugs!!!!!

: Robert Thomson I think u would agree!

: how could they not?

: So true. 😍 xx

: This fur baby fills my heart x

: Yes indeed ♡

: adorable

: Beautiful Picture guys ,,

: Amen. We have two Westie Girls. So sweet. . They are.

: Love these girls so much.xx😊😊🐩🐩

: Yepxx

: What a lovely picture

: Love the pic xx

: And the most room on the sofa!

: That's so true Leah 💖💖