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UPDATE: This morning Britney woke up a lot better. Mum took us down to the esplanade to the farmers market for a very slow stroll. We sat on the shore and had a little rest. Mum carried Britney a few times to make sure she didn't get worn out. But Britney seemed much happier than yesterday afternoon. Taking it very easy today. Lots of cuddles and sunbaking in order. 😘

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Jillie Esdaile-Watts: Britney looks much happier this morning! xx

Fiona Hedges: So glad beautiful Britney is feeling better. Have a lovely weekend xx

Andrea Stewart: So Pleased to hear you're feeling better Britney. xxxx

Manda Cole: She looks much better today . X

Wendy McGowan: Thanks for keeping us up to date Pepper

Denise Erickson: Get your vitamin D Britney! Feel better you and Mum!

Eileen M Kane Lepkowski: Thank goodness. Britney, you look a lot better!

Lorraine Atkinson: So glad Britney is feeling better x

Gail McNally: so pleased that she seems better x

Jayne Gower: Glad she is feeling a bit better x

Patricia Rogers: There are those pretty Miss Britney ears <3 <3

Dusty Boos: WooHoo !!! On the road to recovery 💋 🐾🐾

Catherine Rohmeyer: Woof weez glad to hear

Jeff Gentry-Mustain: Yeah Mack is excited that your getting on the mend.

Nicole Peppe Laliberte: Continued healthy vibes!!!

Mallory Green: yeah! SO happy she is feeling better!

Joyce Pridgen: I'm so glad little Britney is feeling better!

Debra Quinn Steenblock: That's good to hear! Glad she is feeling better!

Tara Hengst: That's so good to hear. Keep resting & taking it easy.

Karen Kazlau Ernst: Hooray for Britney!

Sofia Meadway: Feel better Brit Brit ❤️❤️

Cheryl Taylor Crossley: Gorgeous dogs x

Karen Trevillion: So glad she is feeling better

Rachel Schilt: So glad Britney is feeling better today

Rose Moreno: So glad to hear that. She even looks happier.