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I've been naughty.... I attacked a Blue Tongue Lizard and Mum and Dad had to save him from the clutches of my fangs! He was on my lawn in my defence. πŸ˜• Now we have time out... inside!! until Mum says.

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: Wait until your cat catches an escaped guinea pig then you won't even be allowed inside seeing as the guinea pigs brother escaped next door and they kept him as a pet.

: Nothing wrong with attacking small moving things!

: That sounds so much like my beloved Gemma (westie of course) only she would bring them inside and let them go! Fun times they were. I miss her so much.

: Oh shame on you!! But you were just protecting your home.

: Awww, poor babies. mum should know you were protecting her.

: Poor baby

: Glad they weren't hurt

: Oh Pepper. Millie attacks blue tongues too. She comes inside with a blood filled beard sometimes if I'm not quick enough to rescue the poor bluey. Love is a Westie !!!!

: My WestiePoo tried to put a toad in his mouth! lol! Then he gagged!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

: Oh oh ...

: awwwwwww--we wuz jus playin'

: My westie tried to murder a blue tongue too! We rushed it to the vet. Little hunters!

: Poor baby.

: we currently have one residing beside our shed and I spend half my day trying to save it from Kane - I just wish it would take the hint and move somewhere else!!

: Awe mum we just thought we were protecting you..

: Charlie boy has had a couple of wrestles with a blue tongue lizard.

: I can relate to this... One day Bailey was being naughty. Next thing he was banging at the back door with a surprise for me! With anticipation, sitting proud to see my response. There was a brown & yellow lizard. 😒 In a way I couldn't be angry with him. He is a West Highland White Terrier. β€οΈπŸ˜€ Time - Out Pepper&Britney πŸ’žπŸΎπŸΎ

: I love the pictures.

: Poor babies!

: Oh be careful Piper..lizards can be poisionous

: Well Pepper , you're not the only one to play with and be mean to a blue tongue lizard Tilly has done it before he lived , well thats the terrier coming out.😯

: They certainly have the terrier instinct. Great for chasing mice too.

: good parenting. less blood?

: Oh's had to resist a chew

: Poor baby,what is a Westie to do?