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What cool Westie ornaments or knickknacks do you have or have you seen? Here are a few of Mum's.

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: And another bag lol

: There isn't enough time in the day to take pics of all my mums westie items. But we have 1 item that will never go, and that's a picture of 'Skye' our first Westie which I took running through bluebells. It's framed and above the fire place. Pride of place.

: As my girlfriend is totally allergic to all animals yet is totally in love with Westies, I bought her this ornament from The Dogs Trust. It greets her at the front door and is wrapped in sparkly fairy lights. ♥

: I have elephants and angels. And a black staffie also a white staff is to match my two dogs.

: Westie cushion cover! 😊

: Blind

: This is the majority of my westie collection, there are a few more in other rooms xxx

: Love this xx

: Another bag

: Just How Grande Full of Love ❤️ Bailey 🐾🐾

: Found this numbered plate for $4.00 at an antique market.

Dreamer the pesky westie: Cute stuff Pepper ! We have some little westie statues and a bigger one that is pretty cool. We also have a lot of Harrods westie bags and stuff.

: This is my mummy's fav 🐾🐾🐾🐾

: Furry Westie with his friends the Hairy Haggis

: Found her in Germany at a toy store. She's my Westie until I buy a house. Can't have a live one until then. My parents had one and so did my grandparents when I was little, that's how I fell in love. So, until I get a house of my own(hopefully in the next 2 years)-this is my dog.

: Here is my little collection:

: I remember my mum, many years ago, having an ornament of westies!!! I just loved it and I think that is where I fell in love with Westies. I tried to get one many years later, but I couldn't afford it!!! But still love westies. They are gorgeous!!!

: Plant pit!

: Just one of my Westie plates.

: I too have lots of Westie things. One of my favourites is a solid chocolate, Choccywoccydoodah Westie my son bought me - I still have it, I couldn't eat it!!

: I have two westie prints on my gallery wall because my family has two westies!

: Just a few westie items I have... :)

: They are lovely! This is my westie shelf :)

: Westie Nativity

: Don't say you weren't warned when you visit our house. 😁