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So here is our after photo.. Thanks to the lovely laddies at Pooch Avenue for making Britney and I look beautiful and also smell delicious. We even got a spa treatment today! Xx

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Andrea Moor: Do they deal with temperamental Westies too??

Glennis Radovic: Now you look nearly naked getting redy for spring and the warmer weather

Marilyn Evans: They look so beautiful xx

Jean Potter: Gorgeous girls. pepper and britney you look beautiful xx

Viv Brindle: Gorgeous girls u look fab love the pics and the lovely pink bows very nice have a lovely day xx 😀

Patricia Rogers: Lovely spa and beautiful girls - but westies with bows?? Bet the bows didn't stay in for long after this picture :-) :-)

Jean Horton: So lovely look very nice xx

Roselyn Waters: Now for a littlebit of lippy

Kylie Peterson: I want a spa treatment!!!

Jackie Leith: Looks like you had a lovely pampering time. My Alfie doesn't get that treatment when he gets his hair cut haha.

Helen Littlechild: Love it spa treatment can I come next time love the pink bows

Sheila Killian: Good Looking Westies..

Gaynor Walker: I Lacey have also been to my groomer today too💕😊🐩

Jill Shennan: Lovely haircuts, I bet you feel better.

Brooke Leanne: Looking absolutely divine beautiful girls 😀 I wish my pooch was happy to be pampered like you two are!!!

Jackie Stanley: U dont need the parlour your both gorgeous as u are xxx

Marilyn Maz Jurlina: Awwwww. 😀❤️️😀❤️️. Gorgeous ! 😀❤️️😀❤️️

Claire Mizen: Gorgeous girls. Suzi went last week.

Barbara Seidman: Wow!! Look At u two beauties!! How darling !! Xx

Connie Parkinson: You both look beautiful. 🐾 ❤️ 🐾

Linda Davies: Very pampered girls. They look lovely

Thanh Nga Nguyen: You can't be anymore precious!! ❤️🐾❤️🐾

Julie Williams: Very spoiled babies

Audrey Crawford: Gorgeous girls x 😀

Cindy Rice: Look at how lucky you are.