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I couldn't quite see out the portal, so Mum got an ottoman for me... Now I can see what's going on in my neighbourhood.

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: How cute

: You have a great view there Pepper - you can make sure nothing happens outside your house. Poor mum, hope she feels better soon. You and Britney will have to look after her!! xx

: That was very nice of her. I bet you spend a lot of time there.

: Soo cute

: Good idea.Enjoy.

: Oh I bet pepper is in heaven!! Our westie Pixie is the biggest curtain twitcher I've ever met..... And that's including my nan hehe xx

: If westies had s job they would be private detectives they would that Mrs Jones at no 48 has the milkman in for tea!

: gee, britney and pepper, you two are so spoilt, but why NOT, your both gorgous,

: so cute

: Your Mum is adorable for you Pepper !!!

: Your mum is so good to you pepper xx

: Looks like room for two!

: Westies: Nature's own alarm system lol.

: What is today's report?

: It's better than TV!

: Love your Window I want one in my kitchen to look out at the water while I cook very nice

: How's your mummy doing today? Hope she is feeling much better xx

: Looks like it was built specially for you to survey the kingdom :-)

: Spoilt 🐶

Dreamer the pesky westie: Thats a pretty cool looking port hole ! I bet you two will love hanging out there !

: Love this good idea

: cool Pepper

: Ahh bless. That's so cute xxxxxxx

: They always need to know what's going on.

: Pep you are on patrol! Do you see anyone or anything that doesn't belong in your yard? Take good care of Mum!!! Hope you are a little better Leah! What a nasty bug to hang on this long! Hopefully you are on antibiotics...pretty soon Brit's gonna want up there too!!! 🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾