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It's a sad day but Mr Seal is on his last flippers.. Mum and Dad got Mr Seal on their last trip to San Francisco when they went to Pier 39. Mr Seal makes my favourite noise and I love to take him all over the house with me. 😢

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: Found one on Amazon!!!!

: You know Mr Seal's squeaker can be replaced?

: Its not fair when one of your favorite toys is on its last flippers. Maybe mum and dad can Google or ebay another one

: There's nothing like your favourite soft squeaky toy. My Hamish has his favourite too. He loves his monkey,and I can't even start to think what I will do when monkey dies :(The lengths we go to,to keep our fur babies happy :)

: Poor old Mr. Seal! My Connie has Mini Mouse and she has no tail anymore xx 😥

: Dont worry little ones mom n dad will get u one each b good for them my missi as a rubber bone i hve not seen no more i need to look out for one soon xxb good

: I agree. This calls for another trip to Pier 39.

: Have mommy sell him piper my little Abby has some eyeglasses and those things look very worn but she loves him and mommy just repairs him wipe some clean and lets her have them I don't have the heart to throw them away ask mommy if she could Fix me seal

: Poor Mr bitch tears toys up. So the dog has taken all their plush toys into my front room and hidden them from her. She tears big holes in them and tears the squeaker out.

: Mister Froggie has had multiple surgeries, Duffy falls asleep with it in his mouth most nights. We have a back up hidden in a box just in case!

: Charlie is like that with his squeaky frogs and pheasents. They have more of my sewing up ripps than original seams. But he does love to cuddle up on froggy and fall asleep.

: Oh no!!! I'm sorry Mr Seal is not doing so well. Maybe you can get a new toy that makes a cute sound like your seal.

: Can you order on from them online? I would check and open up Mr Seal and look at the squeaker :)

: Awe have mum buy another one online honey maybe she will buy two one for u and the other for Brittany

: Riley has his Monkey which needs some reconstructive surgery! Luckily I'm not bad with a needle 😳

: haaaaaa !!!! why do you hurt this poor little seal !!! It's a protected specie

: Can you get a replacement on line or is surgery an option

: Oh no. Mum and dad will have to get you another one

: Sabrina "eats" all her stuffier too! Why is that ? She's lost a few teeth that way!!

: Mum n dad you'll have to go back to San Francisco to buy another one 🐳

: Old loves are the most comforting...hang in there mr seal

: My puppies destroys his toys

: Can't Mum fix Mr Seal?

: sending Prayers.

: Awwww poor Mr Seal!