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Britney's favourite thing to do is chase a ball... What's your fur baby's favourite thing to do?

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: Pepper how do you keep your. Fur stain free, you are beautiful 🐾🐾

: Pierre has 6 balls. He knows the different colors.He was a rescue and it seems someone took up a lot of time with him. Would break my heart if I had to give him up.

: Sophie Jo loves to greet people, taking walks, watching for deer, playing and sleeping in Mom and Daddy's bed. Oh such is the life.

: My Millie loves her pussy cat it has to go every were, holiday, shopping, bed. We know when she is tired she goes to get her cat and sucks the top of its head and sleeps xxxxxxxxx

: Violaloves to hide her glove and we have to find it.....then she shakes it and hides it again and sits next to it come and get it

: HIs favorite is the racquetball...all you have to do is say BALLY to him and he goes NUTS!!

: Chase and toss around a squirrel stuffed animal and sleep on the couch.

: Mine loves to greet people then shreds tennis balls and remove squeekys from toys x

Dreamer the pesky westie: Mine is play tug of war and play with red ball. Capria loves to just play and chew on me.

: Throw socks around, clean or dirty she doesn't mind

: Playing tug of war with just about any toy

: Mine is when I let her out she springs and jumps into the air

: What a time these two would have playing with Pierre.

: Stuart could de fuzz a tennis ball. I think I still have one.

: She likes to watch TV lol

: He likes to bark and chew his toys. :)

: Roll in mud and another substance

: Bark at chipmunks & squirrles

: Yup same ;)

: Wow so sweet

: Tug a rope

: Pee everywhere

: Gus loves to go exploring!

: Same as Britney!!!!