Pepper The Westie added 2 new photos.

Nothing like a sunbake with a view. Mum was too kind and brought the bean bag outside for me.

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Jen Hawn: That adorable face always bring me smiles :)

Mylinda Wilson: my dogs LOVE their bean bag chairs!!

Joan Adair: Your mum is so good to you Pepper - looks lovely sitting in the sun so have a lovely day. You have to be ready for Britney's party!! xx

Marilyn Robinson: Mum has you spoiled, beautiful girl. My Connie is sunbathing at the moment too 🐾💕🐾

Cindy Ross Aylward: You have the most caring beautiful Mum! Pepper we here, Winston and me would love to smooch and play with you and Brit! Love you all~♡♡♡♡

Judith Ostrum: Good morning Pepper, looks like a beautiful day for you today. Love to you and your family. Westie's Grandma

Patti Buck DeYoung: Lucky you Pepper

Lynn Shaw: Oh those Mums are so wonderful!

Tyler Peck: My little westie loves to lie in the sunshine. She lies in the grass and watches the birds. :)

Mike Cooper: looks good pepper, mind if i share, x

Tara Hengst: Just a little spoiled!

Ruth Bailey Dancy: Spoiled Little Princess Pepper !!!

Maureen Ackerley: Lovely little girl.

Annette Young: You are spoilt pepper lol

Thanh Nga Nguyen: ❤️🐾