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UPDATE ON PEPPER: We are pleased to tell you that Pepper The Westie is now home with us. She has a small infection in one eye and needs to take it easy over the next few days after recovering from some type of gastro. We are so happy that it has been resolved. With a bit of tender loving care from the Vet staff, rehydration and some other meds she is on the mend now. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. Pepper is enjoying some much needed cuddles and Britney is over the moon Pepper is back home. Xx

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Dianne M. East: So weird - after we posted a get well message yesterday our Maximilian (also a westie) seems to have the same thing - has been sick overnight & gastro symptoms today include lethargy. He's going to the vet soon... Wonder if it is a virus (we're in Brisbane too)

Cindy Ross Aylward: Could not be more over the moon happy!!! I knew if I stayed up long enough I would hopefully see your update! Pep looks like she is smiling and laughing! Now I can say nighty nite Pep, Brit and Leah...see you again soon! Take care of your eye, and I am so glad that's all it was gastro wise..Winston sends his love too! 🐾🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️

Teresa Keppler: Aww so happy Pepper is feeling better ❤ Scout sends love from New Mexico!

Kate Doyle: Get well Pepper. This was Wee Gordie one month ago. He's still housebound.

Judy Goode: Our Harry (aged 16) had terrible gastro/vomiting a few weeks back and we thought it might be the end for him. However he recovered with the help of some antibiotics and is doing well again now. Best wishes to Pepper and family. 💕

Sandra Koon- Kellams: Thank you thank you for the good news. so sorry about her eye but I am so happy she is home where she can get TLC and lots of kisses from all of you.

Sophie Louise: That is such wonderful news... rest up and get better Pepper <3 xx

Kym Parsons: So pleased for the good news....sending lots of <3 to you Pepper and wishing for a speedy recovery xx

Claire Mizen: So pleased to hear that Pepper is home with her family. xxxx

Mark Hurford: That's wonderful news I am so happy Pepper is back home with her beautiful family 💜💙💚

Ann Griffiths: Thank goodness, welcome home pepper x

Beverly Blank: Great news for Pepper & you. A little rest & TLC....she'll be back to her old self!!!! Glad it wasn't something which couldn't be taken care of in a couple days.

Rose Moreno: So happy to hear she is well. Hugs and kisses to Pepper and Britney.

Elizabeth Cleveland Berkheiser: So happy to hear Pepper is home!!! 😊

Jude Bascom: Well this is fantastic news!!! So happy to hear she is home with her family. Enjoy those cuddles Mum. :)

Kelly Legg Webber: Wonderful news!!! Feel better Pepper!!!

Ashley Donnell: So glad Pepper is home and on the road to recovery!

Michelle Coles: So glad you better & at home Pepper! ️Xxx

Angela Botz: So happy shes home the love of a westie is like nothing else

Gaby Schlachter: So glad to hear Pepper is doing fine and back at home. Bet she is so happy too.

June Mackie: Am so pleased that Pepper is home and on the mend. Also that it wasn't worst case scenario. She will recover quickly now she's back with you and Britney xx

Renee K Van Nett: yes great news! thank you for sharing pepper!

Ruth Bailey Dancy: Thank God...He still answers prayer....And that Precious Pepper is on the mend ! :) ♡♡

Cindy Smith: Glad to hear it! Welcome home, Pepper!

Pam Beard: So happy for Pepper,love you baby