Nothing to do on a cold rainy day except snuggle with a warm blanket.

Latest comments:

Heidi Shorey: It's raining down here in Tucson as well

Maria Susana Beirão: Wow! Such a beauty in purple!

Patricia Crone: OHHHH! Perfect little face!

Joyce Virgil: You are so beautiful and on the purple you look like royalty.

Elaine Gallery: Absolutely adorable x

Pauline Teh: Juz look at those eyes!! 😙

Chris Kravontka: Love your beautiful face.

Arlene Mango: Me too!

Valda Warwick: Oh look to this Yvette Featherstone ah xxxx

Candy Lane: love those Big Beautiful Eyes

Joan Gindlesperger: Wow! What a beautiful face! Great picture!

Sharon Dick Sloane: <3

Marcia Nelsen: Look at those eyes!!!

David Butterfield: good Breeding and. Healthy dogs gets you this!

Jeannie Baggett: Oh you are so cute!

Ellen Casanova: So cute. ,!!!!

Cynthia Jones: I just want to give you a big kiss you little love muffin!!

Sandy Henderson: Beautiful pup.

Colleen Fitzgerald: Your sweet face is precious

Heidi Herzog: Einfach die hübschesten Hunde❤️

Sharron Quinn: You Look Just Soosooso Cute. X