From rag a muffin to a irresistible beauty, she steals my heart every day...

Latest comments:

: Why wouldnt she...wt such charming beauty?

: Wonderful

: Happynes on 4 legs

: Beautiful girl! ♡

: Capria?? How beautiful!

: What a beauty x

: Those eyes. Get me every time.

: Magnifique

: Precious xoxoxoxo

: Beauty!

: I can see why! She is a gem!

: Her dad could be coming back out in the show world if I can get him back in coat!

: Such a pretty girl. We love you, Capria!

: She looks exactly Ike my boy I lost two and a half years ago. AND he still looked that good at 16 1/2 years old. Miss him so much!

: ❤💋

: Beautiful x

: Gorgeous gorgeous face. Look at those eyes.

: A beautiful photo 😜

: Beautiful!

: What a beauty. She's won my heart.

: She( or he ) is beautiful. ❤️

: beautiful