You don't need to buy a expensive dog bed. Just get an expensive book case ! It's multifunctional !

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: Rose Marie

: He is also reading! In between naps!

: So typical and so cute

: They'll squeeze in anywhere ha ha! X

: Where has Capria been?

: He ate all THE books...

: That's so cute

: very cute

: My cats love empty book shelves!

: Looks like you like your new spot.

: Have a empty shelf under my computer where our westie likes to lay

: Dreamer is a beauty!

: Exactly!!! ❤️🐾😘😂😉

: You are one gorgeous bookend.

: Ours loves to lay on the bottom shelf of the coffee table!

: Our westie also loves to sleep in the bookcase, except... he demands a doggy bed inside xD

: 😍

: Dreamer est un élève très studieux ! Love, mon petit Dreamer !

: That's true.

: Our westie does this....

: How is Capria?