The moment you realize that having a beard is a huge disadvantage when eating messy food. Always keep a mirror handy ;)

Latest comments:

Pam Eslicker: Or digging in the dirt

Joseph Harmon: That's a good lookin' pup

Thanh Nga Nguyen: Oh Dreamer!❤️🐾😘😂

Mary Ellen Schwab: You need a butler that stands behind you and wipes your beard when needed. Ask mom to get you one.

Sharon Dick Sloane: 😊😊

Deborah Criger Sturrock: Hi Dreamer. Haven't heard from you lately. How's Capria?

Joyce Virgil: You are beautiful anyway.

Françoise Mari: Quelles jolies moustaches, mon petit Dreamer, love !

Sharron Quinn: But you Still Look Adorable.X

Stefania Messora: Wonderful

Candy Lane: cute

Elizabeth Caretti Mestdagh: times mine were red. lol

Jayne Morrison: Westies are so ecclectic! they gather 'stuff' then shake and it falle soff and the remain looking a million bucks -love this pic, Jayney QLD AUSTRALIA

Kelly Zentner Woosley: Just keep mom on standby with a damp paper towel and a soft kitchen towel! :)

Françoise Mari: Oh, la couleur des moustaches ! Love, mon petit Dreamer !