Well if I can't get her attention standing on the ground I guess I will have to get up to her level ! Now she will have to listen to me ! #moretreatsplease #westiedemands

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Elaine Gallery: Lovely photo x

Antoinette Tierney: I so love Westies xx

Annie Rohloff: You Think? She is a Westie. Love the postings. Thanks and Happy New year to you all. Hug a puppy every day.

Sharron Quinn: Gorgoues. X

Thanh Nga Nguyen: Oh Dreamer! You are such pesky Westie❤️🐾😘😂😉

Mary Ebner: Merry Christmas from Shelby in northern CA!

Colleen Fitzgerald: Wonderful picture! ❤️

Doris Baczek: IN CHARGE!!

Carol Ferlein Watson: Dreamer, you need a little trim.

Elaine Norwood Lingle: Love you, Dreamer!!!

Sharon Dick Sloane: <3

Rhonda Richard: Have missed seeing pics of your Fur Sister!!

Jackie Flowers-Main: Such a good pic. ☺

Patricia Rogers: It is essential that 1. You make your needs known 2. That you have your needs met 🐶

Connie Neal: Love this bread......

Françoise Mari: Que tu es beau avec ta maman ! Love, mon petit Dreamer !