Do you think Santa needs a westie deer to help him find the cookies faster ?

Latest comments:

Heidi Shorey: Oh you bet he does!!!!

April Holcomb: How cute

Mary Ellen Schwab: I think when the children see you with your antlers they would give you all the cookies. Poor Santa would get none.

Tami Mudick Allen: Yep!

Cindy Glover: I would if I was Santa!

Lynn Mattson Brummer: Couldn't hurt!

Thanh Nga Nguyen: Oh Dreamer! ❤️🐾🎅🍪🍪🍪🍪

Mary George-Candy: Lush

Barbara Golla: Merry Christmas from Fanci

Lisa McDaniel Allen: Love this Max has these and a Santa outfit but my husband hates all that stuff on him he thinks it's uncomfortable

Kathryn Alven: Toby won't keep his antlers on

Eileen Scarffol Maddox: Christina Hunt, Rocka Rocka needs one of these!

Dotti Brink: Just eat them and save him the trouble! He can have the glass of milk! 😇

Cheryl Temlett: Ann Hopwood! ! Have your boys got christmas outfits? xx

Doris Baczek: No...I need this Westie not Santa !

Sharon Dick Sloane: :)

Joyce Virgil: You are so cute.

Candy Lane: so adorable

Antoinette Tierney: I am so in love with your two !

Rocky Rowland: You are so precious, Dreamer!

Mary Ann Kalwarski: Yep

Gary Sackett: Always

Karen Rocher: Pretty cute westie deer!