Tis the season for holiday decorations.. In the house and apparently on me...

Latest comments:

Joyce Virgil: What a sad little face. Awww. Hope you are ok.

Margaret Wilson Hamilton: Not happy

Joyce Pridgen: You sure don't look happy!

Maria Susana Beirão: But you look so sad sweetie...

Elizabeth Kylene Devaney: Oh no Dreamer. Are they bringing out that crazy Santa hat again? Tell them to use Capria as a model. Or, go on strike again!

Mary Ebner: that is a grumpy face! check out my facebook page to see my 2 westies and all their xmas photos!!! Molly was grunpy and Shelby was a total sweetiepie about it!

Pauline Teh: U ought tb happy s it's a season of celebrating d Hope, Joy n Peace of baby Jesus! 👶

Sharon Wilson: Smile Dreamer!!!!! That's the grumpiest look I've ever seen!!!!

April Holcomb: lol hi sweetie!

Sally Holting Spencer: I love you cutie pie!

Annie Rohloff: You look very upset. You are beauitful all by your self, but you could make the decorations look better. Be a sport.

Andrea Gourley: You look a bit Bah Humbug Dreamer x

Penny McNess: you dont look too impressed :)

Helen Bulpit: does look happy lol bless xx

Candy Lane: so sad

Kelly Wheeler: :D love this pic! Grumpy!

Sharon Dick Sloane: :)

Linda Sachs: Such a precious frown

Nicole Lynch: Oh that look. I dont think any decorations on the pup will be tolerated. EVER!

Joan Gindlesperger: You don't look very happy Dreamer!

Karen Rocher: Awwwwwwwwww! Look at that face.

Joan Cayo Anderson: What a cute face :)