One thing I wish I could get past my parents is who is barking. They say that can tell Capria and I apart very easily. It's just not fair !

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: Hi cutie

: Beautiful Dog ............

: Wow, what a beautiful baby.

: Sorry Dreamer; with more than one Westie in the house everyone tends to get blamed unless mom has a good ear for "music"❤️

: Well, they will figure it out someday sweetie. You two kids have a fun weekend.

: A mommy knows

: Where have you been? I was starting to worry about you. Glad you are back. Love you two little stinkers.

: so cute

: you are a cutie

: Love you ❤️❤️

: 😊

: So hübsch❤️❤️

: Beautiful westie

: GORGOUES Picture. X

: I can tell the difference between Brockie and Cressida, that's for sure!

: So who barks more, u or Capria?

: I bet you have a cute bark , Dreamer

: Quelle jolie balle rouge, tu es un grand sportif, mon petit Dreamer ! Love !