Happy Veterans Day ! Thank you to all that have served our country. #usa🇺🇸

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Wilma Balay: Beautiful!!! Happy Veteran's Day!!!

Denise Thomas: Gorgeous xx

Nan Pimchanok: Miss you, Dreamer ❤️❤️

Nghi Phuong: ❤💋

Adam Glocker: Awww. Thanks Dreamer. Get a treat from your Momma and Da for me.

Sharron Quinn: Adorable. X

Arlene Mango: Ooh rah, you handsome dog!

Mary Ann Kalwarski: Awesome! !#

Candy Lane: handsome

Elaine Norwood Lingle: I miss you, Dreamer... <3

Heidi Shorey: Amen to that Dreamer! God bless our vets.

Mary Ellen Schwab: Don't you look wonderful

Rocky Rowland: Dreamer is absolutely one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen!

Annie Rohloff: You are so precious

Bridget Baxley: Oh Dreamer...this made my 20 yrs worth it!!!!! One of the prettiest westies I ever did see.

Maeve Fegan Darby: Fido 😂

Sherry Jackson Schneider: I love your tie Dreamer.